The Wharf Report — Michael Babbitt’s ‘Sucks To Be You’ Video

It is odd that despite being quite a bit closer to the epicenters of east coast skateboarding, we collectively know far less about the scene in Portland, Maine, than we do about the scene in Portland, Oregon. Maine is the northernmost state on what esteemed geographers refer to as “the east coast,” but beyond it producing one of history’s most prolific nosesliders (who appears for a cameo in the video below!), our knowledge is largely anecdotal.

Michael Babbitt‘s Sucks To Be You is a dive into the Maine scene — which, while it isn’t exactly in our “backyard,” is still close enough to make not knowing more about it kinda ridiculous.

Babbitt and crew dig through everything from the sort of brick crust that New England towns are particularly adept at sprouting, to parking lot handrails that wouldn’t look out of place in an old Zero video — all tinged with this almost monochromatic VX palette that comes with making the most out of skating during every weather-permitting day of the year. You can almost feel like it’s about to pour in some of these clips.

Honestly, it doesn’t look far off from the Portland that we do know a lot about. Happy to have learned more about this one. (I also have no fucking clue how much of this video was filmed in Portland, Maine, just that it’s the state’s biggest city. Was informed that the majority of the video was, in fact, filmed in Portland )

Features Rob Welsh, Elijah Akerley, Will Mazzari, Brandon Westgate, Jake Odle, Nick Easley, Tobias Parkhurst, Mike Gustafson, Jay Brown, Devinn Goodine, Matt Martin, Mark Shirley, Brett Nagy, Sean Randall, Preston Haynes, Peter Miller, Kevin Weden, Dexter Morse, James Engle, Gunnar Johnson, Nate Keen, Mike Lynch, Tristan Anderson, Joe Sargent, Ryan Lafean, Hunter McPeak, and Billy Linhart.


  1. Billy Linhart with the killer 16 stair hubba noseslide! Rockland County forever and ever.

  2. Love the video, love Portland, but damn I can’t believe they used Woolworm… I don’t know if anyone is good enough to skate to that song in my mind.

    respect for the music knowledge tho

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