A Conversation With Rowan Zorilla About Baseball & *The* Double Set

Two weekends back, we sent our L.A. correspondent, Adam Abada, to the skater baseball game hosted by Rowan Zorilla and Vans. (Yes, this means that over a few short months, we sent one of the guys who skated from Boston to New York in 2013 to cover a skater basketball game, and the other guy to cover a skater baseball game.)

It was one of those media-heavy events when many of our colleagues were all vying for their share of Rowan’s time, so we couldn’t dive as deep as we would have liked to, but we covered two subjects most important to the QS office.

One being …baseball? Obvs, we have a QS Sports Desk, but it’s funny how for decades, people flocked to skateboarding to escape the tribulations associated with organized sports, and eventually, we’ve come full circle — where organized sports are what provide escape from the rigors of skateboarding that we continuously subject ourselves to.

The other is, of course, the double-set.

One of the most common requests hurled our way (beyond “put me [or my friend] in Top 10!!!”) is “what about a ‘Favorite Spot‘ episode with _____ about _____?!”

Anyone who hasn’t had a largely monogamous relationship with one filmer spanning the course of many years can attest to how hard it is to scrounge up a career’s worth of footage for a comprehensive archival project. The Rowan double-set episode is something we’ve tried to get off the ground for a while, but a wide-enough net of all the footy has proved elusive — at least for now. A consolation prize of sorts was to get him on the record about it at the event, seeing as how not many skaters manage to drop three parts with enders all on the same obstacle. (And yes, it turns out The Bunt guys had similar questions, too 😉 😉)

Until the full episode hopefully materializes, let’s keep this as a bit of a placeholder.

Video by Adam Abada.

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