Tokyo Report — Kenta Okamoto’s ‘PEACE N LOVE4’ Video

Last month’s all-Tokyo Yuto part (already platinum!) put a bright light on one of the most hidden-in-plain-sight skateboard secrets: that skating in one of the world’s greatest skate cities is profoundly hard. (It’s kinda like when your crew does its first-ever L.A. trip and realizes the place isn’t one perfect schoolyard after another, like the videos had lead you to believe.)

Despite the odds stacked against street skating in Japan’s capital, the place continues to produce incredible skaters and videos. And today, we’re happy to present Kenta Okamoto‘s Peace N Love4, the latest in a series of largely nocturnal Tokyo videos that him and his crew have been putting out since 2020.

In filming for Peace N Love4 — which took a year-and-a-half — Okamoto often worked with spots that grant one-to-five tries, even in the dead of night. Many were returned to over and over; some you’d get kicked out of for even looking at them. In the end, they came back with their longest entry yet (the first Peace N Love video was just under five minutes long), full of successful missions for just a few seconds of usable DV tape, usually right in security’s face 🫡

Filmed & Edited by Kenta Okamoto

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