The New Full-Length From Nike SB — Will Miles’ ‘7 Ball’ Is Live

7 Ball is the latest full-length from Nike SB and U.K. videographer, Will Miles. It feels like a continuation of the best bits from the Jacob Harris-helmed Trust Fall that dropped back in 2019, grouping the best-fitting riders from the colossus that is the 2023 SB team into a cohesive project. Everyone here feels like they actually enjoy skating with one another, rather than the “showcase” vibe that often happens when companies try to stuff their entire team into one project — to pretty much the detriment of everything. (The plus side of shorter attention spans today: it’s probably a good thing that we’re past the era of Nothing But The Truth and Away Days.)

The video is centered around the SB Euro team lunchtable that has the most QS favorites, along with cameos from Americans like Karim, Max, Cyrus, etc. Full parts from Kyron Davis, Chris Jones, Korahn Gayle, Jack O’Grady, Ville Wester (with his third in 9 or 10 months?), Hugo Boserup, Joe Campos, Noah Mahieu, and Eetu Toropainen.

Yelled at the screen @ Korahn’s fakie heel / switch heel combo in Paris.

And did anyone else momentarily think that Rihanna’s “Umbrella” was about to start at the drum breakdown midway through Eetu’s part? Or am I just a fucking idiot?


  1. opening screen grab/title shot here proves again that Cyrus will go down in the history books as having some of greatest kickflip/fs flip form of all time. joy to watch

  2. It’s one big, forgettable sludgy montage.. like, max is rad, korahn is rad, kyron is rad but it’s all buried in way too much haphazardly organized footage. Either jante it- incredibly filmed and edited montage with personality in a digestible length- or primitive it- sharp, star-laden blockbuster (which is what the nike video sheepishly decided it wanted to be toward the end anyways).

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