Jahmal Williams for Krooked Skateboards Part

With a skate career now in its fourth decade, there are few people who have been as enduring of an inspiration as Jahmal Williams. Whether its in his artwork, the timelessness exemplified by his brand Hopps, or the fact that he is constantly reinventing the way he approaches skateboarding — Jahmal is the epitome of someone who does things on his own terms and vision. It is why watching him grind through concoctions Lego’d out of the city’s construction sites, or find new pathways on the 125th Street Banks that are practically now synonymous with him, feels like it carries the onscreen enthusiasm of someone half Jahmal’s age. But nah, it’s the same dude that was skating the Copley Square fountain in 1991 🐐

Krooked collaborated with Jahmal on one of their guest artist boards, for which Jahmal went ahead and filmed a part entirely in New York.

The board is available in shops now.

Filmed by Emilio Cuilan and Tristan Mershon.

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