The 2022 Quartersnacks Readers Poll

Illustration by Charles Rivard PhD.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — that week where we poll QS readers who spend an inordinate amount of time nerding out over skateboarding about what the best parts and videos of the year are.

This project is in its third year of individual ranking, and fourth year overall (the first-ever one surveyed people for the best from the entire past decade.) To anyone just joining, the goal is simple: to try and combat content fatigue by crowdsourcing a canon of the year’s best skateboarding.

We are extending 2022 eligibility to videos released after December 3, 2021, which includes Limosine’s Paymaster, Chocolate’s Bunny Hop, etc. because they came out after last year’s poll closed for voting. (This also applied to Godspeed, John’s Vid, etc. in the 2021 poll for the same reason.) No science is perfect, and skateboarding never sleeps — but nobody is trying to read about 2022 in 2023, let’s be honest.

Voting closes this Friday, December 9 @ 2 P.M. New York time. Results will be presented later this month.

EDIT: For anyone looking to jog their memory of what dropped this year, BetterSkateThanNever has a 2022 YouTube playlist that’s over 200 videos.

P.S. We only ask for your name and e-mail to weed out spam. We don’t sell your info or auto-subscribe you to our mailing list or anything like that.

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  1. is someone gonna do the thing they do in past years where they drop a list of notable videos in contention from the past year (and late 2021) in the comments? my brain is wore so thin i thought we blew it at some point came out this year

  2. Isn’t it always who’s coolest in proper skateboarding? If you want to know who’s technically “best” go watch the Olympics or something.

  3. None or very little of Nyjah’s footage wasnt recorded this year, it was just posted this year… if jah makes SOTY then there is gonna be new tactics on how to make SOTY a possible thing for competing skaters gunning for SOTY

  4. I am no Nyjah fan but I think its a bit unfair to be like “this is best skater january 1st through december 31” of the year. In years past dudes worked on parts for years and would win for the year they dropped them in. Even the Supreme video that just dropped said it started filming 2020 so a lot of that Tyshawn footage is two years old too.

  5. Subjective Contestants:
    Bronze TV Channel 56
    Right Here for Pablo
    Much Needed After a Long
    Baker Video with Andrew Zach and Rowan
    Alv’s Angels
    You Deserve It
    Hockey X
    Road Kill
    She’s Cheating
    The Union Square Vid
    Bunny Hop
    Go Fly a Kite
    Play Dead
    The Violet Promo
    Money Time
    Promaster (is this long enough?)

  6. it’s telling me i’ve already voted but this is my first time on the site today…..

  7. Jah would win SOTY if it was for Men’s Health magazine and Tyshawn I could argue for Vouge lol.

  8. *honorable mention*
    No solo part this year but Mason Silva has still been on a tear with scattered footage throughout tour/trip videos

  9. SOTY isn’t X Games Real Street. It was Phelps picking someone he liked to rep the magazine for a year. No one is entitled to it. Every year anyone got it Bob Burnquist and P Rod were doing the most fucked up tricks ever. Nyjah is incredible but that doesn’t make him “skater of the year”. I’m not opposed to him getting it necessarily, but the way people talk about SOTY cheapens it a little bit imo. I actually backed Spanky and think it would be sick if T Funk got it but Tyshawn’s stuff was really undeniable.

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