Future Nostalgia — John Shanahan’s ‘Pocket Dial’ Part

What’s a random soundbyte from a skate video that you and/or your friends have an allegiance to?

For a decent part of the QS office, it’s the “N.Y. kid!” that Mike Wright drops after backside 180ing off a ledge attached to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and into E. 51st Street from 2001’s E.S.T. 2immortalized here in a 16-year-old YouTube upload. I think Thando said it after landing a switch back heel down a three stair in an edit from a while back. (Pretty sure that soundbyte was in a Bronze edit too?)

Seeing John Shanahan nollie 180 that very same gap — which honestly maybe hasn’t appeared in a video for 20 years — right in front of a cop’s face sent that very same echo through the mind. That ledge, that angle, that Armani Exchange across the street… iconic.

“Pocket Dial” is the new edit from Shanahan’s baggy pants fashion house, Pangea Jeans, shot on a camera that creates a really accurate Peep This filter ;) Seeing the reno’d Washington Square look like 1996 has a special charm (locking into crooks on those round-ass things is no joke), just like plenty other nostalgic spots that have exceeded their life expectancy into the 2020s.

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