Majorca For Nothing in Print

Travel writing around here has been sparse since the pandemic, but our friends at Free Skate Mag posted up the full trip article + Alex Pires’ photos from our Majorca excursion on their website. (It appeared in the most recent print issue.)

This one was special because it was the first time many of us had traveled outside the U.S. since the before time, and we were blessed with the fact that it didn’t rain the entire trip, nobody got injured, we barely got kicked out of any spots, and the craziest trick of the entire trip (Nick’s 5050 on the blue wave spot, which we actually did keep getting kicked out of) was at the last stop of the last day.

Read the full thing on Free and discover if San Miguel is truly stinkin’, or continue on for the iPhone bonus beats.

From now on, going on a trip without farm animals to kick it with is gonna suck.

Scoping out bootlegs on a trip gives you a glimpse into a destination’s most creative minds. These were the best two.

The only radio station played in the car was The Club, which is exactly what you think it is. Shazam’d so many trashy Ibiza songs.

Sorry, Diego Gallu.

This pool spot was at a gigantic music venue that was only open from 1989 to 1992. While we were there, someone remarked that it felt creepy — “like someone died here.” Back in the car, we Googled: yes, in 2010, somebody was murdered there. Always trust your internal ghost detectors, yaknow.

Imagine it being so windy that the trees just look like this, permanently.

“They didn’t have any aspirin, so I got you some cigarettes.”

Would you roll into this thing for €100?

Relive the magic:

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