‘iPhone Mixtape’ by The Star Team

When’s the last time you saw a crispy pair of I-Paths in a new skate video?

‘iPhone Mixtape’ is Kyota Umeki and the Star Team’s follow-up to last winter’s “iPod video” (another piece of 2000s technology somehow being outlived at large by the VX1000.) It is a kaleidoscopic bro cam video of the first half of 2022 via the Homies Network dudes and their extended family as they kick around every possible corner of lower Manhattan — with Tompkins and the recently re-instated Green Man statue as the anchor-points.

There’s polar bears, glitter hoodys, a part from Mongo Shred, and an ender from Coles. Run back “Luxury Dinners” once the video’s done. Grab that ash tray, too.

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  1. this is maing me feel old but i get that if i was these dudes age they’d be the dudes i’d want to chill with.

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