Torey Goodall For The Ben Raemers Foundation

There is obviously no shortage of reminders in the media today about taking care of our mental health. What exactly that means — especially for those of us who grew up in environments where those conversations were foreign altogether — can be hard to grasp.

Torey Goodall is someone that any longtime QS reader needs no introduction to; he’s been a staple even before his name was lifted into the QS part rafters with the “Quiksilver” part that featured Club LIV, robots, hor d’oeuvres and martinis. In this new piece for the Ben Raemers Foundation, he talks about how a life spent immersed in skating can change so quickly when that obsession, hobby, culture, love, etc. is taken away via a major injury — and how he, like so many others at that same crossroad, found himself in an unhealthy cycle scrambling to channel energy elsewhere. Torey found boxing as an outlet, and takes us through a quick run of that journey.

The only way to shed the stigma surrounding these conversations is to continue having them. It is easy to take for granted how even something as common as a skate injury could lead us down a dark path. “I’m depressed because I can’t skate” feels like a thought that most people would sneer at, but we are all part of this obsessive insular world. We all understand what that means for one another. Chat with your buds when they’re not at their best, and make those conversations commonplace. That way, just maybe we can begin to save ourselves another “tell your friends you love them” Instagram post for someone who passed from suicide or an overdose ♥

Also, when’s the last time you watched the Palace Reebok Loop? It’s really good. Feels like that Blondey wallie backside noseblunt at Southbank was a really ahead of its time maneuver.

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