Run That Back Turbo: Sean Evans’ ‘GRACE’ Part

Even the kids are like, “Holy shit, look at that switch flip.”

Any astute QS reader is already familiar with Tim Savage’s Grace video, which arrived earlier this summer. (Jenkem has a full interview about it, in case you are uninitiated.)

Grace felt nostalgic-yet-current: a 38-minute runtime for a meticulously crafted local video harks back to period when attention spans were un-Instagramized, but the generation it introduces stakes their names well into the future. It is hard to remember what the last Boston video with this many new faces was, and should the Grace boys become the Boston version of something like the Sabotage franchise a few hundred miles south, everyone would be pretty ok with that ♥

As we close summer blockbuster video season and head towards skateboarding’s de facto Oscars season, we’d like to bring special attention to Sean Evans’ Grace part, which Tim was kind enough to provide us with a single upload of. There is a crisp confidence to which he stomps every trick in this part — melded with a perfect balance of Boston’s trademark ledge skating and some third-eye-open hucking.

Word from those qualified to speak on the matter is that the ender is at where everyone parks to go to Eggs; the fact that a local pulled it off always hits harder than if it were some random passing through on a company trip, not unlike a famous 16-rail in the periphery of New York’s most-famous comatose spot ;)