End-of-Summer Viewing: Stefano Kerster’s ‘It’s All Love’ Video

It’s All Love is the new full-length from Stefano Kerster A.K.A. @steffybigpotatoes for those of you who only know people by their IG handles ;)

Filmed over the course of the pandemic (had a thought of like “I forgot there were this many schoolyard spots in the city” while watching it, only to remember they all would’ve been shut down during a lot of the filming), and it features parts from Faheem Allah, Julio Peralta, Mike Powley, Elijah Cole, Alberto Olivero, Gio Ricardo + an ender from Andre Beverly. The entire middle section is a massive montage with plenty of familiar faces, some of whom you might only recognize from seeing around skateparks, only to now bear first witness to them crushing street in this very video.

It is easy for us to forget that the 12th & A era was eons ago in terms of skate-generations, so it’s extra sick to see the promising names from the days when those ledges were the most popular spot in the city continue to get better and better. Like, everyone knows how good Elijah and Mike Powley are, but they bodied it in this video. Andre’s part goes without saying, though you might recognize the ender from the Ice Cream edit, and/or a #QSTOP10’s highest slot


  1. + how much does Mike Powley resemble the Alchemist or is it just me
    + 9:53 transition from Mach Hommy to J Dilla was brilliant

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