Weekend Viewing — ‘Teflon’ by Stephán Lewis

“Teflon” is the latest ten-minute video by Stephán Lewis, filmed throughout pandemic-era New York — when the Blubba bump-to-can became the street-version of the L.E.S. Park apple, the belated Waterside steps became the most popular spot in the city, and subway spots became empty, or at least emptier. This one includes the fisheye of the World Trade Oculus ollie from last fall, which perhaps better illustrates to the outside observer (who might be unaware of the surroundings at play) how much of a heist that trick really was ♥

There are a few stopovers in Philly and L.A., but “Teflon” is an energetic, wide-lens’d portrait of where the dust has began to settle on skateboarding in this city after all that’s been endured this past year.

Featuring Bradley Culebro, Brandon James, Jake Smith, Jiro Platt, Mike Eggleton, Jahmali Ellison, Shredmaster Keith and others.

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