Jake Church — Yardsale ‘YS 2’ Raw Clips & Offcuts

Around the time of YS 2‘s official release, the QS office was winded from year-end #content, and on a much-needed vacation. This, unfortunately, resulted in the new release desk being unable to give Yardsale’s second video the analytic accolades that it deserved. There are only a select few video series that feel wholly of their own world, and the YS videos syphon your eyes into a dimension away from their contemporaries.

In consolation, the Yardsale boys were kind enough to allow us to share some raw footage from Jake Church’s ender part with everyone.

Each generation expands on what exactly a “skate spot” is — many skaters approaching middle-age now grew up in a *serious* time when even curbs were deemed “not hard enough” for video parts. The skaters after them would go on to make fried wallies and banks made of dirt the common fixtures you see in slightly-less-serious videos today.

Jake Church’s portion of YS 2 contorts this dynamic into warp-speed: treating three bus shelters like metal lily pads, skating a sliver of window lodged between two walls at the top of an inverted brick hip, or heading down a drop-in that leads straight into a wall.

There’s a charm to watching him work for it, because you’re left wondering how we even thought to skate these things at all, let alone try a switch lipslide on one ;)

Filmed by Daniel Kreitem and Grant Dawson.

Rewatch YS 2 below.

P.S. It’s been fairly Euro-centric on here lately, but got some #Antonio #content for tomorrow :)


  1. This is the type of skateboarding parts I love to see. It’s fun, awkward, creative, random bam margera drop in was cool.

  2. Y’all see me doing the same in a few months.. all acid summer like last year and the year before that lol. It’s not personal. Some of my tf best friends I met on that bench. Eatin bagels. I smoke weed. chinese nollie my favorite crack on the flat ground and push on. French rappers are Ill. So was that part. euro Bagin fast feet ninja.

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