The 2020 Quartersnacks Readers Poll

We had so much fun doing the readers poll for the best video parts and best full-lengths of the 2010s last year that we are bringing it back.

The goal here is to crowdsource a canon of the past twelve eleven months from people who probably think way too much about skateboarding ;) There’s so much #content out there that “I barely remember what came out this year” seems to be a recurring theme in conversations with friends, so figured this would be a good way to highlight what left the firmest imprint on people’s memories.

Voting closes at noon on Friday, December 4. After that, we’ll tally the results and present them later in the month.

P.S. We only ask for your name and e-mail to weed out spam. We don’t sell your info or auto-subscribe you to our mailing list or anything like that.

(And before anyone asks: yes, Reverb counts as a 2020 video.)

Voting has closed.


  1. Elijah, Alright OK
    Aidan, Dancing on Thin Ice
    Ave, Dancing on Thin Ice
    Gilbert, Alright OK
    Alexis, Seize the Seconds
    Honorable mention: Rune Glifberg, Phunk 45.

  2. The new Cons, new Vans, Formers Cheap Perfume, Reverb all great and Untitled by Michael Nicholas is a sleeper. Plus any of the multiple Mason or Louie parts should be #1

  3. Kitsch is the best video but don’t forget that came out in 2019.
    Sleeper hit of 2020 is Romain Batard’s Giddy 11

  4. Don’t forget about Untitled by Micheal Nicholas. Best video this year without a doubt

  5. Untitled by Michael Nicholas and Potluck by Diego Donival are by far the two best vids of the year. Throw in Giddy #11 too.

  6. I feel like there is going to be a sudden change in responses after people watch Pedro’s part in the Deathwish Video

  7. Speaking of thinking way too much about skateboarding: I’m a little confused about the two categories (“full-length video” and “video part”) because the framework and formula for skate videos is changing. What constitutes a full-length video these days? Is FA’s Dancing on Thin Ice a FULL-length video? It’s barely 15 minutes long. Or, what, for example, would you consider Tom Knox’s ‘part’ for Atlantic Drift? What about Naquan Rolling’s great edits? I just feel like the only people still making traditional videos and parts are the Huckers™.

  8. Pretty sure most people think of Dancing on Thin Ice as a full-length. It has three separate parts, and there are a lot of classically thought-of skate videos that pretty much only have three parts.

    And pretty sure most people think of Tom’s section as a part, the same way Verso was a part.

  9. Some nice lad on the Slap board thread about this put this list together to show that there is way more stuff this year than ten Mason parts, hopefully they don’t mind me sharing. (It was Warm Up Zone whose work is often linked here.)

    No particular order here:

    Vincent Huhta – Lagaffektivt
    Chris Colbourn & Cobra Man- Heatwave
    Tom Knox – Atlantic Drift 11
    Franky Villani – One Big Mess
    Pedro Delfino – Spitfire or Deathwish Uncrossed
    Trust Tiago – NB
    Evan Smith – Modern Frequency or Sky Bird People Up-Jump
    Jon Dickson or Dakota Servold – America Green
    Clive Dixon – Creep
    Dane Burman – Hope to Die
    Wes Kremer – #weskremer
    Justin Brock – Stratosphere
    Niassim Lachhab – Khouya or Blind
    Chico Brenes – 7 x 7
    Ishod – Be Free
    Gabbers – Zero Damn It All
    Max Palmer – Year of the Rat
    Bob – Quasi
    Cyrus Bennett – Stussy How Original
    Max Geronzi – Nike SB
    Louie Lopez – Lola or Cons
    Vincent Nava – Pig Wheels
    Tyler Bledsoe – Magic 5
    Mark Appleyard – Globe
    Mason Silva – take your pick

    Bronze – 2020 Promo
    Momes – Oh Tony
    Pyramid Country – Swimming In Er
    WKND – Death Dance
    NK – Steady Creepin’
    Planeta Patsinov
    Maxallure – Manifest Destiny
    Sabotage Milan
    Primitve – 4th Quarter (and other videos too)
    Vans – Credits
    Giddy 11
    Jacky Biarritz
    Vans – Tom’s Tales
    DC – Domino
    Sk8Mafia – 2020 Promo or Full Video
    Former – Cheap Perfume
    Jolie Rouge
    Girl – Nervous Circus
    The latest Cons & Vans videos
    Lovenskate – Tea & Biscuits
    FA – Dancing on Thin Ice
    Rat Rat 5
    Anti Hero – Quantinium
    Glue – Smut
    adidas – Reverb (apparently QS is considering it to be a 2020 video
    Heroin – Earth Goblin
    Worble – Party Destroyer
    Passport – Kitsch (I’m pretty sure this was 2019 but individual parts were released online in 2020)

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