More From the QS Euro Desk — Dancer in Jylland

“Where the hell is Jelly Land?”

Hjalte was kinda enough to provide a map of an answer — no one is going to mistake Americans for being geographically astute.

Jylland is… the majority of Denmark, where — if we were to use this clip as our sole metric — no humans exist apart from this traveling band of skateboarders, and a small audience outside of a supermarket bump-to-bar ;)

You maybe follow Dancer on Instagram for updates from Copenhagen’s equivalent of Tompkins, but Dancer is a clothing brand founded by Hjalte and our friend Anton Juul a little over a year ago. This edit is their summer 2020 trip to an empty place where you still wear hoodies on a summer getaway ;)

Features Ville Wester, Julius Rohrberg, Hjalte Halberg, Rasmus Sand, Peter Stege, Tor Ström, Anton Juul, Anders Jørgensen, Jones Skrøder, and Balder Lehmann.

Filmed by Tor Ström, 3D by Laurent Gehim, and edit by Anton Juul.

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