Rios Crew — Viktor Turcsik’s Toló 2 Part

We first became aware of Budapest’s Rios Crew around the time they released Toló. Here were these skaters in a country with the population of New York City, producing something that looked nothing like any Euro scene we had encountered at the time — almost if they were partitioned off from that current moment in 2014, and only had a dubbed VHS mix of Quim Cardona parts as a reference of skateboarding in the outside world.

In the time since, Rios has become something of a productivity machine. It feels like they drop quarterly videos, sometimes diving into lesser-traversed corners of Europe like Belgrade and Kosovo to get away from their already under-traversed homeland. These days, they seem acutely aware of what’s happening in the greater skateboard ecosystem (to the extent that anyone with an Instagram account is), but not in the least bit distracted from presenting something wholly unique to their original vision. Rios’ videos remain inimitable, even after six years of hits ♥

We’re happy to premiere Viktor Turcsik’s part in Toló 2, which is premiering in Budapest this week. Viktor doesn’t have an Instagram ;)

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  1. i’m surprised that more hasn’t been written about how the rios videos have some of the best sound design in skateboarding. nothing sounds the way they sound, right down to camera, noise, skate sounds, music, all of it.

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