Drop Offs Volume 6942069

Before we let this year — let alone decade — go on any further, we felt it necessary to purge the office harddrives of any B-roll, raw files, extras, outtakes, etc. from the past ~18 months so we can lay the decade’s footage to rest.

We haven’t done a Drop Offs video since …shit, ummmm — looks like May 2017. Even since then, skateboarding and the way we, *sigh* “consume” it, has changed drastically, leaving the space for these fun fuckaround videos on a perpetual back-burner.

We couldn’t do an outtakes video without Meatball, who made some weird decision to stop skating altogether halfway through last summer. But he came out for the first time in five months back in the fall, and while we were positive he’d break his board on a flatground kickflip five minutes into the sesh, as he has famously done in the past, we all witnessed him back tailing the ledge at Stroud first try after not stepping on a board for damn near half a year. Didn’t get that particular tailslide on film though :(

And with a Matt cameo in possession, we proudly present QS Drop Offs, volume 9 or something. (Volume 10 will inevitably be posted in 2023, yes.)

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  1. Hey Snack, I bet you thought Joe was out of this skateboarding game, eh? Well, truth be told, I had to parlay with Avon on some business, but I’ve been keeping eyes on everything the whole time! Anyhow, this drop off is a real sight to behold. Mr. Durao seems to have a good head on his shoulders; he’ll go far. We see some action from the People’s Champion, Mr. C. Champion. And a Meatball cameo? It really doesn’t get much better, Snackman. Peace and love from the East Side.

    -Prop Joe

  2. The question of the 20s is, will we ever get to see a proper full length from Durao? Insane talent.

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