Comings & Goings — Skate Spot Edition

The only constant is change, and while we were off in Philly skating the physical embodiment of a Brother Merle illustration, the QS tip line was buzzing with spot changes around the city.

After spending the summer as perhaps the only midtown-adjecent spot that you could skate during a weekday and not worry about kick-out, the beveled ledges under Rockefeller University on the east side have been knobbed. You can still skate them as manny pads, and that prop-up grate that people use to skate over trashcans is still a go — though you’ll need an umbrella, a shovel, and a team of scientists to wedge it out of the ground. Only parts of it were knobbed as of Monday, but you know how that shit go…

Shout out to Elijah Cole for doing the hottest move here, and shout out to @slappyendings for the tip.

Next: they fenced off the other fountain at Flushing, for what the Parks Department site is calling an “adaptive re-use” reconstruction. Going off their diagram, it is hard to tell what exactly they’re going to do with it, but it makes sense that they would want to invite someone into this giant empty rectangle of cement besides skateboarders. However, those rods sticking out of the fountain don’t look promising.

Always thought that footage from this part of the spot had a certain charm to it — like, you’re choosing to skate a higher ledge at a spot with already pretty high ledges. You can’t skate any parts of the Big 6 in the meantime.

Shout out to Jordan Trahan for doing the hottest move here, and shout out to Mike Heikilla and John Shanahan for the tip.

Last but not least…

Obviously inspired by last week’s Jenkem video and/or the barrage of tricks on the spot in “Verso,” the Pyramid Ledges are being used for — get this — the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Google is saying that there is a component of the holiday where observers set up an outdoor dwelling with a ceiling made of natural vegetation, and eat meals exclusively in this makeshift home for a total of seven days to commemorate the harvest. Sukkot ends on October 20th this year, and you should be good to go on trying a trick that’s already been done here after that. Happy Sukkot to all of our Jewish readers as well ♥ ;)

Shout out to Angel Fonseca and Al Roesch for the tip.

Update — 4 P.M. #ANOTHERONE: Managed to get ONE MORE bit of bad news before we left the office for the day! The green bleacher spot on 130th & 5th got knobbed too. The mini picnic benches are still a go…for now. Great. Awesome. Perfect. What a week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks to Matt Schleyer for the tip.


  1. Yeah I was wondering if that spot was ‘Philly’ enough for you Snack. NYC has plenty of crust spots, but Philly’s have that extra bit of nihilism. Love it. Hope you enjoyed the trip

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