#QSTOP10 — August 9, 2019

Ah yes, the unavoidable slow news week in August. It gets the best of us. We’d apologize, but you’ve probably been as tuned out as we have.

Skateboarding quieted down a tiny bit since the psychotic round-up we had to narrow down to ten things last week, thank God.

Matt Andersen’s Rust Belt Trap video premieres tomorrow (Saturday, August 10) at 647 Grand Street, Brooklyn @ 9 P.M. Includes a Jerry Mraz part! Full flyer here + teaser here.

Have a good one ♥



Intro via @quel615 on IG [link] 10) Michael Mackrodt via “(fisheye) of the Tiger” part [link] 9) Antonio Durao via “Vue” [link] 8) Kyota Umeki via LurkNYC’s “Mean Streets V.13” video [link] 7) Bobby Worrest via Krooked’s “The Mermaid” video [link] 6) Karl Salah via New Balance Numeric’s “Promenade” video [link] 5) Massimo Crisofoletti via New Balance Numeric’s “Promenade” video [link] 4) Adam Davies via Adidas’ “Head Count” video [link] 3) Hiroki Muraoka via Adidas’ “Head Count” video [link] 2) Jeremy Jones via “Hold Tight London #16 – The Undercroft” [link] 1) Marek Zaprazny via “FYG” video part [link]


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