The First Teaser For Supreme’s “BLESSED” Video Is Now Live

This is probably the first-ever single post on here dedicated to a minute-long teaser with one skate trick in it, but if analytics are any guide, “BLESSED” is the most searched-for skate video Google referral we have gotten on here maybe ever. The teaser features all the familiar faces you’d expect + Rowan Zorilla and some French additions that weren’t in “cherry” since they had yet to make a Parisian expansion back in 2014. Seems like it’s all feel good vibes now that everyone grew out of the teen angst from four years ago ;) Only grievance is there wasn’t a Who Kid cameo.

Video due out via everyone’s least-favorite cryptic release date: “soon.”


  1. Idk man… what happened to the perception of skaters as being athletes and not just trouble makers and drug ups?

    Would be cool to start seeing them as athletes again

  2. Oh I feel like the whole “skaters as athletes” is a relatively new thing, right? In terms of mainstream folks seeing them as such. Because the troublemaker reputation is much more well established, i think. Hence all the wannabe American heroes trying to interfere with skaters, like in the Mean Streets edits

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