Well, This Could Potentially Suck

Unclear as to where this is going to lead (the office is currently an ocean away on vacation, so a local follow-up will have to wait), but this cryptic fence could have grave consequences on the flow of the most oft-skated lower Manhattan spot of the past decade :(

(Or it will just revert back to the state it was in before the wooden slats were removed and Columbus Park experienced its rebirth these past five or six years.)

Thanks to Zach Moeller for the intel.

Update: Here’s another photo via Mike Heikkila, and by the looks of it, the fence is bolted into the floor, which [probably] means its bound to be there for a while.

ANOTHER UPDATE: It looks like they fenced it off to install exercise machines, a la what’s at the part of Seaport by L.E.S. Park. The wholes for the machines are all outside of the perimeter for the basketball court, so it seems like the runways to everything will be fine, provided they remove the fence.


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