Yaje Popson’s ‘DANY’ Part is Now Live


Photo by Emilio Cuilan

Before the T.F, New Yorkers learned tricks at these things called “street spots,” and now, everyone learns crooked grind nollie flips between beefing over who stole whose iPhone 4S with a cracked screen and no data plan at L.E.S. Great skateboarders didn’t particularly “come of age” at Tompkins. Throughout its decade as the city’s prime meet-up spot, it was mostly home to adults that had already “peaked” and began working on their party skills, recent ex-pats, and burgeoning rap stars. Yaje is one of the few exceptions: a native T.F. local who is actually, um, talented enough to pull through with a full video part filmed entirely in New York City.

Thrasher just posted Yaje’s DANY part, filmed and edited by Emilio Cuilan throughout the past year. Give it up to holistic knee cures, and a career-long dedication to innovation at Columbus Park via an East Village native and Rich Mahogany alumnus.

Buy the DANY video here, or at Supreme or Labor.


  1. We Should work on a package berrics deal, head to toe berrics. Reply or just stop by the TF soon i don’t have a lot of time to exploit your passion.
    -S. Berra
    (p.s. i used to be a shitty actor, now I’m just a shitty skate ambassador)
    (p.s.s Baby steps)

  2. Brilliant masterpiece – Yaje’s style perfectly captured with Ross from Friends. Thank you, Emilio.

  3. Yajes performance is stellar. But how come gap to fs blunt fails to qualify for an ender?

  4. I like the skating and the filming, but the soundtrack strikes me as deliberately depressing in a way Bronze might aspire towards at times, but never throughout the entire video

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