Twisted Illusions — A Full-Length Video by Max Palmer

twisted illusions

There are few things more excruciating than watching 2014 Q.S.S.O.T.Y, Max Palmer, be unable to skateboard. While spending the last third of 2015 healing a broken elbow, Max — a proud user of a T9-utilizing flip phone that only works sometimes — began filming things on video mode of his digital camera to pass the time. Some may remember this “device” being used in novelty projects like Krooked’s Gnaughty in an era before iPhones, #skatevideohouse, and even Flip Cams.

The resulting footage became Twisted Illusions, a half-hour video that features the B-roll to every Johnny Wilson-filmed session that took place from September 2015 onward. As Johnny himself has become engulfed in the bright lights of downtown celebrity, it’s reassuring to know that the faces who brought you video., Space Heater and Beef Patty are still operating at the same productivity levels that initially cast them in the national spotlight. (Max’s elbow is better now, btw.)

Features parts from Jesse Alba, Genesis Evans, Conor Prunty, Max himself, Kohlton, Cyrus Bennett, Andrew Wilson, Mitch from Philly, and a potential Line of the Year candidate from anti-Chinatown Double-Set activist, Jonathan Choi.


  1. What’s up with the dudes in Columbus park who shadowbox shirtless and watch each other do chin ups. Someone provide the official name of this activity, I don’t see this going down at other parks.

  2. Alba skates like a rich kid running up and down a welfare line burning 100 dollar bills just because he can. Would love to see him “try” but doesn’t look like that’s in the cards.

  3. It’s a metaphor for obnoxiously flaunting disuse of talent others would do anything to have even a fraction of.

  4. Jesse does admittedly come off like an extremely cocky, always super sarcastic rich kid (not what constitutes a “rich kid face” but he does kinda have one?) But I can’t really hate b/c I don’t know the dude and the Juicy Elbows Yotube account has furnished some very hot fire.

  5. The ender line is fire af!

    ..def haff to remember to watch this before skating. Ty Max.

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