NYFW Wrap-Up — #Trendwatch2016 Early Report

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With many unseasonably warm days this winter, we were already able to see some of 2016’s #trending formations. And with a seasonably bitter cold #NYFW, we were able to sit there with hungover stares and contemplate it all. Keep in mind that the to-be-mentioned hungover contemplations may seem awfully dated by the time of the Polar video’s stateside premiere in March. Our most impressionable and yearning-for-inspiration L.E.S. colleagues will inevitably be Bloby-fied come April.

Lo-Def 5050 Combos

For many of us, 180s and shove-its into and out of 5050 grinds were our earliest flirtations with combining tricks. As our palettes became more refined and our skateboarding matured in accordance with the times, these were inevitably phased out and thrown into the pile known as “little kid tricks.” That pile, by nature, sits there and stagnates — unless of course you ran out of tricks to try in S.K.A.T.E. and need a sex change to give the dude a letter, or the even rarer occasion that skateboarding collectively chooses to to re-embrace a little kid staple like the varial flip.


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Photo by Mike Heikilla

We seem to be digging deeper into the pile, as those shove-its out of 5050s and frontside 180s into them are livening up trick rotations in our most forward-thinking videos.

If a backside 360 out of a 5050 grind is a high-low version of technical skateboarding in the age where some skaters’ trick repertoires have been slimmed to a half-dozen, how has the other end of the spectrum risen to prominence? Is it because the spike in wall-rail popularity was stopped in its tracks because we remembered how few tricks are actually possible on wall-rails? Or is a Holden Caulfield-esque fetishization of youth to blame?

Early-2000s Nostalgia


Skateboarding is obsessed with the nineties. It’s when street skating came of age. It’s when the VX1000 was invented. It’s when we re-issue board graphics from. It’s where Peter pulls antiquated internet iconography from. It’s when we insist hip-hop’s purported “golden age” was. It’s where we dig back to resurrect defunct companies so that maybe a new generation would appreciate them the way they did.

Just as we ran out of tricks to do down wall-rails, we ran out of shit from the nineties worth fawning over. “Nah man, maybe that company that was only around from ’97 until later in ’97 isn’t worth bringing back…”

What came after the nineties? Y2k bro. From Bleach‘s nods to INFMS and it embracing a time when MF Doom + RJD2 were a skate video music supervision tandem equivalent in popularity to today’s Future + #skatevideohouse pairing, to the E.S.T. cut-ins in Tierney’s last Zoo part, to the evident depletion of Hilfiger and Nautica gear among citywide secondhand stores giving way to the appearance of Evisu jeans in Cee-Lo, the 2000s are the new decade to #reference. Whether or not Peter begins to pull from Windows 2000 for the next Bronze video remains to be seen, but noseslide 270 shuvs certainly seem overdue for a comeback.

#TRENDWATCH2015: What a Time To Skate At Night, Trash, 5050 Backside 360s, Full Spring Report, Possibly Falling Into the East River


  1. BS 50 50 shove-it only looked bad because you were dressed like Chad Fernandez and were performing it on a 10 inch particle board box with PVC coping.

  2. what is the perfect pair of shoes 2 go w/ my $170 leather shoe lace belt/$400 japanese denim jeans/$200 plain white t-shirt fit?????

  3. Quim Cardona got mad footage doing tricks outta 50-50s back in the day. Prolly cuz only he could make Em look good

  4. Yo, dude. You shld tell Conner prunty he’s got only a month and a half to film a 3 song part. Cause that’s what I’m expecting. #connrpruntyaprilpart

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