The Resurrection of Indoor Ten


Not exactly sure how current this news item is, as much of the office is off in Europe filming for our future award-winning tour video, 56 Tricks.

Nonetheless, one of our spot scouts (that’s the department responsible for the spots page not being updated for 4+ years) recently passed along visual confirmation of New York’s most famous indoor set of stairs’ rebirth. Disregard our earlier report from February, or at least the finite tone in which it was written.

The *new* Indoor Ten doesn’t have a sleek, white marble surface like it’s predecessor. It’s made up of the the mundane and bleak granite found in nearly every midtown Manhattan train station. It’s more narrow, with less runway. It’s actually probably maybe bigger — going fast and rolling off it may no longer be an option like it was during its earlier incarnation.

It is, however, an indoor set of stairs. It’s loud. It’s crowded. It’s inside a subway station. You will get kicked out. You will only get two tries if you’re lucky. You will get chased for skating it. Maybe if fortune is truly on your side, you’ll get arrested for skating a set of ten stairs. It’s everything we could ever want.

It’s just great to have it back where it belongs.

(The only question that remains is if the A.B.D. scroll has been refreshed…e.g. the last high-profile trick at Indoor Ten 1.0 was Tyshawn’s switch backside flip in “cherry” — is switch backside flip off limits, or do skateboarding’s data-mining statisticians approach this development as an entirely new set of stairs?)


  1. so your office is going to europe to film “56 tricks” huh? i assume the soundtrack is going to be that of the mixtape “56 nights” by dj Esco. very original i guess

  2. I knew the guy i saw Place de la Republique wearing full on Alltimers gear + Watermelon board + Quartersnacks dunk HAD to be Quartersnacks affiliated.

  3. As a certified PhD skatistician, I am of the (possibly unorthodox) opinion that the ABD list *not* be reset. Since the set is strictly harder to skate for the reasons mentioned above, any new tricks are at least as praise-worthy as tricks on the old set.

  4. the El Toro Rule Set™ states that adjustments to the spot do no reset the the trick list, but only add to the difficulty in factors of +/- 0.7/per stair

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