#TRENDWATCH2015: Full Spring Report

polo hats

Spring is here, the ladies r looking sexy and the footage is more fashionable than ever. Our Fashion Desk observes some of S/S 15’s most notable developments.

Sending a Photo of the Polo Hat Rack at Macy’s to Your Company’s Headwear Designer as a Reference Image

What’s going on in the embroidery industry? Is there any explanation for why the average embroidery size on a hat in 2015 cannot exceed 3/4ths of an inch in height? How much of a testament is it to the Lifshitz legacy that nearly fifty years later, skateboard companies are clawing over each other to outdo Ralph’s masterful simplicity? Why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets? Why is @dropolo the most underrated? Why you gotta do me like that?



First stone wheel

Jordan Trahan’s mini part reminded the world that Autobahn still exists. Gold Goons arrived to a chorus of “videos are #fun again!”-reviews. Lucas Puig and a bunch of guys from Palace started a wheel company. Beagle and 2014’s Q.S.S.O.T.Y. popular vote winner started a wheel company. Huf relaunched the short-lived, yet now Tumblr-famous, Metropolitan Wheel Co. Bronze saved Pig.

With board and shoe companies wrapped up in decade-long video ventures for lord knows whatever reason, skateboarding is beginning to embrace the one thing it couldn’t exist without: the wheel. And you know it’s not about da $$$ and all about da #fun when none of these guys will pierce into even one-hundreth of Spitfire’s market share — or in some cases — even ride their own wheels… #burn4ever ;)

White Painter Pants


Ever since 2012, pacifists have been asking only one question: “When will camo die?”

Northeastern skateboarders’ warlust has begun to subside, and we have arrived at a blank canvas — the painter pant.

Rather than a soooooo-2012 blend of wartime earthtones, the day’s Gatorade stains and the night’s beer spills now converge to become our patterns. They’ll join the burgundy residue of bloody knees, the black skid marks of a probably-terrible ledge, and the brown bum juice you sat in by mistake on the F train — all to form a collage unique to you. Camo is dead. D.I.Y. is in and it’s on your pants. Patterns in 2015 are about being special y’all.



Americans can’t get enough of Canada. Dime, Drake, Herschel bags, The Weeknd sitting #1 on our “Urban Radio Play” chart, Bieber’s four-stair ollie, the list goes on. Vans spent 49 American years making a video, and we’re still talking about Spencer Hamilton’s no comply 360 over the picnic table more than any maneuver in Propeller.

Canada is having a moment.

…so you begin to wonder why Alien Workshop is so hardheaded in taking sound advice. A year ago, the astute financial analysts at our #trendwatch department laid out a fool-proof plan where Alien Workshop consolidates assets for a sale to Canadian clothing imprint, OVO. In those 12 months, Canada got even HOTTER, as rumor of a sale fizziled, and Alien Workshop re-launched — leaving millions of fire-red Canadian dollars on the table — to a lukewarm, midwestern response. Some people just never listen :(


#TRENDWATCH2015: Possibly Falling Into the East River


  1. Feel like Hopps was at the head of the pack with the lion embroidery used on hats/polos/windbreakers. I think Shut did a polo a few years back with a mini shark patch that was a good one too.

  2. next trend will be secret world of Alex Mack hats, snapback with no visor. Bet Mango probably already did it and it was chill

  3. Fuck, and I just got my light denim levi’s!

    For a full report on next year’s fashion trends, see Andrew Allen’s Vans part. Weekend at Bernie’s motif, and make sure you cut the hem of your pants legs off!

  4. early 90’s east coast fashion enthusiasts that were born in 2001….

    ….in the OC or HB

  5. NY skaters rely on trends and fashion to make up for subpar skating ability. It’s always been that way.

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