Levi’s Skateboarding + Quartersnacks Set Contest

set contest

As prefaced on Wednesday, set building employs a large portion of skateboarders in New York. Thanks to the support of Levi’s Skateboarding, we were able to get some funds to throw a contest between a few of the shops out in Brooklyn.

The premise is simple, shoot a video with each respective shop’s employees skating only their workspace. Each had a little over a month to complete the task, and could take any route they wanted. A few weren’t able to come through due to the time demands of the job (always next time), but we got two solid entries from two of the larger skater-run shops: Pink Sparrow and Ready Set. Check below.

The winner gets $3k for their team. We gonna let the streets decide who wins.

Who should get the $3k?

  • Pink Sparrow (51%, 3,647 Votes)
  • Ready Set (49%, 3,540 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,619

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Voting ends May 31st, 11:59 P.M. May the best team win. Have a good weekend ;)


  1. There is no vote button coming up on this link so I can’t vote. But if I could it would be for Readyset. They killed it!!!

  2. of course j. wilsons sluts work for the same company, i wonder which crew the quartersnacks clique will support?

  3. I vote pink sparrow. I like how they literally skated whatever regular shit you would find in set shop (I’m guessing). Ready Set clearly built a little TF with skating in mind. Not a fair comparison!

  4. @jo el – the whole point of the competition was to have these guys build their skate stuff in the shop, not just use what’s there. Readyset showed imagination, creativity and mad skills! The other shop did great too, but Readyset rocked it!!

  5. ready set just built a skatepark. kinda defeated the whole concept of the contest.

  6. props to pink sparrow for being clever and skating whatever they had laying around but it’s super rad that ready set went through the extra effort to build a bunch of stuff. it’s what they do – they’re set builders! they took the concept and ran with it to not only showcase their skating but also their ability to build cool shit.. otherwise it would just be two videos of a buncha fuccbois doing ollies over a tablesaw and grinding forklifts. major props for the old williamsburg waterfront and grand st spots. RS gets my vote.

  7. They didn’t build a skatepark. They re created old nyc skate spots that aren’t skateable anymore. (Sea port ledges, those bank to banks at chase in Brooklyn , and that could foundation spot. those dudes killed it at ready set. Good job

  8. spaghetti emoji spaghetti emoji spaghetti emoji spaghetti emoji spaghetti emoji askedit

  9. More like 150 over a few hours. Check out instagram @ boneswheels, and see why. #VOTEFORPINKSPARROW

  10. Bones wheels can eat a bag of dicks!!! a Yonnie Cruz care package to persuade votes…Really!?! its one thing to tell someone to vote for something or someone but another to add incentives. Just vote for what you think is better people

  11. I have a contest… Let’s all bet on how many beers pat smith drank for breakfast. Contests suck. Both teams killed it though. My vote is for Ready Sparrow.

  12. Goldenbullcow They didn’t offer to give products to make people vote, theres a difference! Sorry homie but endorsing and buying votes are two different animals

  13. Nice Job READYSET. I have been screenshotting the numbers as a refresh every minute for the past hour. Clear cheaters.

  14. WOW. Readyset is catching up in less than an hour with no social media posts. Readyset is a clear cheater and I have proof. I was willing to let the fact non-employees skated heavy in your video go, but this is BS. I should have voted for Pink Sparrow.

  15. I saw this post on the Bones wheels gram. Voted for readyset because fuck that no one tells me what to do and bones wheels kinda suck tbh

  16. What do you mean “no social media posts” so they “must be cheating”? The ready set employees have all been using their personal pages to encourage friends and family to vote.

    Also frankly, where’s the love in this? Everyone’s starting to sound like a bunch of whiny babies over $3k. Get over yourselves.

  17. it’s not about who skated better, it’s about who’s going to throw a better $3000 party. pink sparrow 2015 baby

  18. i’m saying that the true art of skateboarding is in knowing how to turn the fuck up

  19. pink sparrow clearly put very little work into this compared to readyset, and the way their numbers are climbing and video views are staying the same they’ve gotta be doing something shady to get their numbers up

  20. I personally think the Warriors will take it in 6 games. Cavaliers will go on to multiple championships starting next season but this warriors roster is gonna take it this year.

    Russell Westbrook for MVP

  21. ^^ I wondered the same thing. What’s even stranger is the percentages. If both teams votes increase but the percentage gap is widening, it would suggest someone is manipulating the their team’s counter but not taking into account the overall votes counter and the team percentages.

  22. half assed the contest, got bones to put up swag and then when that wasnt enough you clearly cheated to win

  23. just wanna thank quartersnacks and levis for a cool concept. special thanks to all my boys and the crew for all the hard work. A big fuck you to pinksparrow for taking something fun and turning it to shit. Enjoy the bread.

  24. To anyone still keeping up, we came to an amicable solution between both shops in spite of whatever hostilities ensued in the comments :) All love <3

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