Connor Champion: Y Upgrade…NC to NYC Part


Photo by Zach Baker

Connor filmed the majority of this part throughout 2014, with a few clips from the tolerable days of this past winter. Half New York / half North Carolina, cut up to a late bloomer (at least in New York…) of a “Song of the Spring” candidate, and the greatest punctuation anthem of all time. Enjoy.

Contributing filmers: Chris Hall, Gray Mclamrock, Dan Murphy, Ben Gazda, Gree O’Donnell, R.B. Umali and Johnny Wilson. Shout out to the springtime :)

Guest tricks from Bob Reynolds and Tyler Tufty.

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  1. Was watching that Push series on The Berrics, and the videos are decent, but the music is fucking terrible. Which made me think the concept of the Berrcs isn’t bad, but the people who run that shit are. When was generic sports techno ever a good idea in a skate video? They have the budget to use real music. I wonder if they produce that shit in house. How about QS use it’s TF to show them how it can be done. Just a thought, that music supervision has got me heated.

  2. hey fuck outta here. justin brock designed that shitty pads required park in mt airy. fuck him! and who the fuck is sam buxton!

  3. and trpp you know its mtn dew doing that shit right? of course its gonna be cornball. Thats the rule with corporate sponsorship. It has to be cornball.

  4. Given Sam Buxton’s penchant for tall tees and clips edited to ignorant hip-hop he’d be a natural fit for a QS feature – long live POST22!

  5. Fuck Post22 that nigga James Tupper corny as hell…how you gonna edit a montage to the strokes fam? But Buxton is the truth

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