The Year in T.F. Obstacles – #TFReport Special Edition

tf report

Yesterday, the Ride Channel posted a guide to skateboard-related ## hashtags ## on Instagram, probably as some sort of distraction from the Great Follower Purge of 2014. Now, we weren’t as upset as some of our colleagues by Ride’s weeks-old assertion “that style matters more to east coast skaters because they aren’t as good” (it’s true duh), but this Instagram “guide” is a load of crap.

Who cares about Sequence Saturdays or Slappy Sundays? There is only one ## hashtag ## that matters on Instagram and it is #TFREPORT. Now, the ‘Report might have gotten diluted in recent years, as those who don’t live close enough to feel Tompkins’ magnetic draw still opt to tag their shoddy T.F. imitations with this precious label, but that hasn’t stopped its main function. Nowhere else is there such a one-stop overview for the most vibrant skateboard institution still in operation today.

What better day than today to post our annual T.F. Year in Review. As in past installments, contributors to the #tfreport thinktank cede any creative rights over their images once they are tagged. The T.F. is far bigger than picture credits. Have a good weekend. Seems like it will include some decent T.F. weather, at least for December.


Obstacle: Snow.
When: The first quarter of the year.
Lifespan: Three months, or maybe four, or at least enough for lol-inducing memes to emerge from our predicament.

2-another labor box

Obstacle: The Labor Box ?.0. Hard to tell if this is the third box, or if 2.0 box from last year resurrected. Either way, this became a billboard for wisdom from all those in possession of a marker. It was also only half-functional for its existence.

When: March.
Lifespan: A week or so.

3-bianca barrier

Obstacle: The Bianca barrier. Alex Olson paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for this prime piece of real estate.
When: March. This existed roughly at the same time as the Labor box, and you know how rare two obstacles at once is at Tompkins these days…
Lifespan: A few weeks!


Obstacle: A pallet. This is impossible to grind or slide on, but that clearly didn’t stop anyone from trying.
When: April.
Lifespan: Who’s keeping count…


Obstacle: A locked T.F.
When: April.
Lifespan: One very lonely Saturday.

7-samurai box

Obstacle: The Samurai Box.
When: May.
Lifespan: Only a day or so, right? Billy brought it out for a contest, but not really sure where it went long-term.


Obstacle: An avant garde sculpture.
When: May.
Lifespan: Likely six seconds.


Obstacle: The Tombstone™. We went into detail about this obstacle to some extent on our year-end wrap-up, so read about it there. This was far and away the most sophisticated development in recent T.F. history.
When: May-June.
Lifespan: A little over a month.

9-2x pallets

Obstacle: Two pallets and a piece of plywood.

A video posted by . Kevin Tierney (@youngkev) on

When: June.
Lifespan: One afternoon.


Obstacle: A ballsack.
When: June.
Lifespan: A few minutes.


Obstacle: A long, two-inch high rectangular box. The most sophisticated use of this hunk of wood is depicted above. See 8:42.
When: August.
Lifespan: A week or two.

11-filled crack

Obstacle: The Crack™ filled with tar :( More info here.
When: September.
Lifespan: Unfortunately still going strong.

11-she's garbage set

Obstacle: A Ramptech ramp (who knows where that came from) propped against two overflowing garbage cans that was utilized for “She’s Garbage.”
When: September.
Lifespan: An hour or so.

13-mystery box

Obstacle: A mystery box??? There is one upload of this on IG, but cannot trace it to a particular time. There is supposedly a box at Reciprocal that can only be taken out by people on a special “list,” so perhaps that’s what this is?
When: ???
Lifespan: ???

12-slicky select

Obstacle: Slicky Boy at Cafe Select.
When: October.
Lifespan: A few hours.

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