The First Annual Quartersnacks Readers Choice Awards

readers choice

With this past weekend’s announcement proclaiming Wes Kremer as Thrasher‘s “Skater of the Year,” there was an exhale of relief. For years, conspiracy theories roared about Deluxe-biased selections, or favoritism of those who were just-short-of-exclusively “Thrasher guys” (e.g. Wes had Transworld & Skateboard Mag covers this year, but not a Thrasher one.) No funny business, no tampering with the voting box — everything seemed right. May Sk8Mafia grow into the most successful yet indifferent-to-growth skateboard company to ever exist.

Something that could have prevented years of speculation on the S.O.T.Y. selection process is transparency. Who came second? Who landed fifth place? How many votes for Sinner did they count? Did my fill-in vote for J.B. Gillet go through?

As a result, we present you with the most transparent year-end awards in skateboard internet history. These serve no purpose than to commemorate our hyper-specified niches of interest within the skate world by affixing percentages to their coolness via you, the reader. Now, you can get to see how similar or different you view the world, art and love than the average QS visitor. Feel free to vote in as many or as few categories as possible. Winners will be presented with possibly a free drink if you bump into anyone with possession of a QS company card throughout 2015.


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  1. how are you not going to have steve brandi’s switch hardflip from static 5 on there?

  2. Also forgot Bobby’s Three Up Three Down Line for tricks that actually appeared on this website, so I wouldn’t read into the omissions too heavily ;)

  3. yo snack, imma let you finish, but top 10 worst spots was the best post of all time.
    this shit cool, but worst spots is the best

  4. Ummm Jon Igei Fakie hardflip double set Static II. Prob the most overlooked fakie hardflip to be done down a double set as swag as that was

  5. PJ part in True was heaviest in 2014. Also that Danny Way and Colin montage in True lived up to it’s expetations.

    Best trick in 2014? Obvs. a no brainer. Backside flip down El Toro.

  6. FOTY
    That kid at the park with the bleached hair wearing chucks
    Someone wearing all camo
    Someone wearing all white
    Bucket hat

  7. What is the background right now? Asphalt close up? Bacteria? I just watched the sinner part again and it’s dope as fuck plus he wins foty for the chronic leaf headband and the ‘listen to dubstep” shirt.

  8. Fit of the year

    Alex Olson- all white, cherry
    Sinner- Dubstep tee and bandana, theatrix
    Mango- any

  9. The way Johnny Wilson wears his hat

    The late kids to the light denim party

    Chuck Taylors that everyone is pretending don’t hurt their feet (OG’s not the skate ones)

    Cory Kennedy and his fans that are upset he doesn’t have the Bieber haircut and chinos anymore

    Combined camouflages in a single outfit

    Johan Stuckey one step behind Austyn who is one step behind Dylan

    Bobby Dezkekrker short shorts

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