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While the rest of the internet spent Tuesday refreshing live update pages about the new iPhone, we spent it checking Bill Strobeck’s Vimeo page for any hint of Joyride, the new video he’s been posting cryptic Instagram memes about all summer. Turns out Vimeo is going down the YouTube circa 2009 route of disabling videos with third party content, so Joyride didn’t make it out in time. It’s on YouTube, a day later.

Though not an “official” Supreme project, Joyride is more or less a six-months-after-“cherry” milestone that shows how ridiculous the current rate at which young kids progress is. (That, and a check-in on growth spurts. T.J. might rival Yaje right now for New York skateboarding’s quickest height spike ever.) Joyride stars Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo, Nakel Smith, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin Bradley, Aiden Mackey, and Ben Kadow, who has a lot more screentime than he did in the last vid (the gap firecracker is insane.) Most of the 21+ crowd from “cherry” stops in for a cameo, including a rather unexpected Bryan Herman signature move :)

#Boobs are still trending in summer 2K14, and shout out to Bill for joining Josh Stewart in the ranks of elite skate auteurs who refer to skate videos as videos.

…that ender 5050 better be a magazine cover next month. Meatball!

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  1. that video was great aside from the minute of my life i lost watching that pile of garbage of a girl at the begining

  2. I would never get in a car with Mark Gonzalez haha

    And Tyshawn is like a karate master with that save

  3. QS, I appreciate you posting this video. Some of the re-edits you do are great, and this is one of the better skateboard-related websites.

    I have to ask- and I’m not trying to be a troll or a dick, this is completely sincere- do you guys actually like this shit? To me, it’s fucking gross. It makes me not want to skateboard. Is it just me? Do people watch this and think, “Wow, this is awesome!”?

  4. Hey 8ballsk8ball, when the camera panned up and I saw all those zits on her chin I had flashbacks of having sex with teen runaways on the bench at Tompkins, so I was happy.

  5. So good. These kids at killing it. No clue why faggy fake boxing makes it into so any skate videos but other than that, this is gold.

  6. shits raw as fuck. to get that gnar in chucks would be unheard of a few years ago. hate all you want but you aint kickflipping anything that high in chucks.

  7. dick nutback, you’ve never had sex , or been to tompkins. the only person who has sex at TF is slicky boy

  8. I’m not even going to wear Chuck Taylors, because I think they’re the ugliest goddamn shoes.

    If you like this video, more power to you. I’m not trying to be dickhead who hates everything. I loved the Brandon Westgate re-edit a few months back. But to me, this is some repugnant ass shit.

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