#TBT: Big Brother Mag Is Back…on Instagram


Print lives on! …via Instagram.

If you need a new follow on the Gram, someone not affiliated with the magazine started a Big Brother fan account: @bigbrotherskateboardmagazine.

Though this is the sort of thing that is probably better-suited for Tumblr, as Instagram sizing issues will render most type unreadable, it’s a nice 612 x 612 reminder of that magazine’s brilliance. There was talk of the entire archive being made available on the Jackass site some years back, but that never happened. (What’s up with troves of nineties skateboarding nostalgia having so many false starts in the digital era? Skateboarder even went under before their plans of making the whole 411 collection available on their site gained any momentum.) The Jackass site became Dickhouse.tv, and while there isn’t anything remotely close to a full archive on there, you can find plenty of good bits relating back to the mag under the “Big Brother” tag on their blog.

People will compare stuff to Big Brother today, but should probably stop. It’s a product specific to another time, and that’s why it’s special. That mag or anything like it could never exist today — even on the internet — without alienating pretty much all potential advertisers and skateboarders they could cover i.e. we got shit for the blatantly tongue-in-cheek Mind Field remix…could you imagine the backlash at some of the insanity that those dudes pulled if it took place in today’s #skateboard #industry?

Stuff We’ve Scanned Before: The Black Issue, The Yellow Issue, Billy Rohan interview from the “Hated & Misunderstood” issue, Danny Supa interview


  1. I’ll never forget getting a copy of Taboo magazine in the mail instead of Big Brother in a “subscription mix-up” during the Flynt years. It’s was the first time my young mind was introduced to the art of “anal fisting”. Good times.

  2. always loved big brother and have been skating for 20 years but this video made me realize fuck a bunch of nerds with goatees that never skated being so fucking glamorized…fuck this post.

    there is no whitty/ironic/anti-whateverthefuck response that could possibly change my mind. fuck these dudes.

    go die.

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