The Week in Noseslides (GIF Edition)


Appreciating noseslides is 50% of the reason that this website exists. Though it may be the “building block of modern skateboarding,” this does not mean that the trick could solely be built upon by scholars of The Storm (see 360 flip noseslide nollie heelflip out on heavily waxed ledge or Luan’s ender in Cronicles 2.) The current level of skateboarding may lead you to believe that a flip in and out need to be performed to justify use of a noseslide, but this is a total misconception.

From Chad Muska’s top ten noseslide contender (first try!) to routine Quartersnacks clip appearances, two consecutive noseslides is nothing out of the ordinary for us. However, if noseslides are 50% of the reason for this site’s existence, unnecessary turnarounds that would make Ricky Oyola cringe make up at least 7-10% of our coverage radar. Please consult Koichiro Uehara’s Lenz II part to see these two things converging together wonderfully:

The skater above does not look Asian, therefore it seems safe to assume it is not Koichiro Uehara, but one of his Magenta affiliates. We cannot determine which one though, as they are all quick-footed and wear Adidas. Any assistance in properly commending this young man for bringing the consecutive noseslide line together with the unnecessary turnaround would be appreciated. It’s Leo Valls.

IN OTHER NEWS: the transition from full-length videos to the instant gratification of daily web clips has been widely spoken of. BUT DID YOU KNOW…that this narrative is already out of date?

“Full length” web clips are already being replaced by microbites of said web clips and whatever remaining full-length videos still exist, thanks to Tumblr .GIFs and six-second Vines e.g. between Tumblr and Vine, it is wholly possible to have seen every bit of skateboarding from “cherry,” provided you subscribe to the right feeds ;)

While our attention spans have been corroded from forty minutes to four minutes to four seconds, at least the mediums responsible for this are good at bringing that remaining attention to forgotten gems. See this widely re-blogged Tumblr sensation .GIF from Arto Saari’s “Wheels of Fortune” segment.

Considering this may be the most nonchalant ten-foot-plus noseslide stance in the history of noseslides, we may need to adjust the pantheon. He might have Kenny Reed beat…

IN CLOSING NEWS: It’s nice when a song you’ve looked forward to for months based on an Instagram post isn’t disappointing.

Have a good weekend. If you’re not watching the playoffs, do some noseslides.


  1. what are the odds leo valls reads this website and was more or less shouting you out with that line in the first place? 50/50? 75/25?

  2. @past maybe it was not intentional, but I am pretty sure the Magenta dudes check out Quartersnacks from time to time and camo pants + noseslides is pretty Quartersnacks.

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