Stativ IV Actually Exists!


The past week has been dedicated to the webstore, but we’ll interrupt the content dry-spell to inform you that Static IV actually exists.

The video is premiering at Sunshine Theater (Houston & Forsyth A.K.A. where 80% of skate premieres are in New York) on Thursday, May 1st at 10 P.M. There are 300 seats; 200 will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and they are selling $5 tickets to guarantee seating for the other 100. People who miss out on those last 200 could probably catch part two of Nymphomaniac or something.

No info on premieres in other cities or DVD availability yet. Here’s Aaron Herrington’s mini section from The Brodies below. If you want to watch the teaser, go here.

Unrelated:Cops hunt man who threw Molotov cocktail into Brooklyn store” — what year is this?


  1. Dood w/ the molotov burnt all the Dutches and Garcia Vegas behind the counter! Inconsiderate..

  2. Guess the tickets sold out right away. They should really rent the theater for a few days; there’s enough skaters out there I bet they could make a bundle.

  3. I’m suprised there hasn’t been any posts about the fakie heel over the picnic table in the House of Hammers clip.
    After that admiration shown to the fakie heel over the garbage can and the fakie heel in general…….

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