March Madness Bro


March Madness starts tomorrow. If it wasn’t supposed to be 54 degrees, and we didn’t find college basketball incredibly hard to follow beyond a casual game here and there, we’d probably be watching. Always been in agreement with the NBA:Hollywood / NCAA:Student Film analogy, but can’t imagine any of tomorrow’s match-ups being worse than a 2014 Knicks or Lakers game, and both of those teams are on national TV tonight. ESPN and TNT really need to instate a flex schedule man…

In any case, Frozen in Carbonite got all Grantland on us, and formed a bracket about a topic dear to everyone: 1990s skateboarding. Voting for the first round ends tomorrow (March 20th), and this is what the results look like now. Good luck picking between Igei v.s. Pupecki and Lotti v.s. Drake Jones. (Currently “active” pros with boards out are omitted from the bracket.) Vote here.

Also in the spirit of the season, Nike SB is releasing two rival colorways on Saturday (one for Georgetown, the other for UNC), and we put together a little video for the UNC one with Connor Champion / Black Sheep Skateshop down in Charlotte. It’s nothing you’ve never seen before — a generic cruiser clip filmed at TF West, but it represents a QS milestone in that we found something relevant to edit to the SportsCenter theme. (FYI: Having seen “Top Ten Plays” more than one time on any given morning is the telltale sign of needing to leave the house for most QS employees. Or at least those with cable.)

And anyone who says “March Madness is the best event in American sports” on account of the kids “having nothing to lose” or whatever is just trying to be #controversial. Opening weekend of the NBA playoffs > everything. Maybe not in the east though…


  1. ed devera v lavar is actually pretty tough. ed ws tough. that parking lot night footy in the real vid was tough. im going brian lotti just bc the planet earth stuff was cool, but the line in the friends section of virtual is one of my fav lines of all time and he was already on his way out.

  2. Badass shop. Ask for matt or schmitty to show you around. Be sure to hit up abermarle

  3. people who say college basketball is better than nba basketball are the worst. nobody wanna see some dudes pass the ball around for 30 seconds then chuck up a 3. at least the knicks only do that in 24 seconds.

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