Antonio Durao: Best of 2013 Joeface Remix

tony fs blunt joeface

Photo by Joe Monteleone

As if anyone needed more convincing of how good this kid is, Joeface put together an Antonio Durao “best of” clip with all the footage from his rookie of the year season. This includes clips from the Waters & Army intro part, the Transworld video check out, and the All City Showdown footage, which has yet to surface online.

Going to leave it at that. Young Damien Lillard.

Contributing filmers: James Buchmann, Richard Quintero, Evan Walsh, Jason Kinzel and Ricki Twohill. Edit: Joeface.

Alternate YouTube Link. Have a good weekend. 52 degrees tomorrow :)

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  1. Most important thing to know about Chris Niekrato is he was the guy holding the “Stab Pierce” sign when the NJ Nets brutalized Boston in the playoffs in 2002 2003. And where is the Andrey Blatche love. The finger roll, the Euro step. Big man has a handle. Young Seymour.

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