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beef patty

Apologies for two event posts in a row, we usually leave that stuff to these guys.

Considering that nearly every single thing that involves skateboarding is in a constant state of delay (video release dates, flow boxes, skatepark construction…meeting up with your friends on a Saturday afternoon), you have to admire those few who abide by consistency. For example, we’ve been fortunate to have a new Flipmode / Bronze video come out every year more-or-less since 2006. These John Wilson straight-to-Vimeo projects seem to be joining those ranks, as Beef Patty is the third one in the past year-and-a-half. (Watch Space Heater here and Video here.) It features crowd favorites (and apparently Transworld favorites) Cyrus Bennett, Loose Trucks Max, Andrew Wilson, Paul Tucci, and who knows, maybe even a Corey Rubin sighting? ♥♥♥ You can catch the premiere at Anthology Film Archives on 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street this Saturday, August 24th. Doors open at 10:45 P.M. Flyer here.

Also on the topic of consistency, these raw footage reels come out on practically a bi-weekly basis alongside the full videos, giving all of us who complain about how hard it is to skate in New York a reason to feel like idiots. The latest one is below. R.I.P. Bushwick Bump. Instagram misses you :(

Onto more important topics: What’s your favorite beef patty? Golden Crust with coco bread? The generic Tower Isles ones from every pizza place? The expensive ones with the pretty girls serving you at Miss Lily’s? And when is Solo Jazz coming out?


  1. The thing is Snack, it used to be a lot harder to get footage in New York.

    These dudes are having an easier go of it thanks to the work you and dudes like Bryan Chin put in. Back when it wasn’t the skateboarding wasn’t so hot and there were no skateparks and there weren’t “Summer trip to NYC clips” crowding the internet.

    They look so comfortable and well, frankly, Green Diamondish/Rich boy. So comfortable and content in what used to be one of most dangerous places in the world.

    Now it’s a rich boy’s playground. Just ask Rob Harris.

  2. for such a “safe” city, the philosopher finds a lot of skate spots to get beat up at

  3. Obviously it’s Christie’s. Not even a question. Too bad they’re closing soon, as all landlords in that area want $$$ for rent because of the Barclays Center.

  4. They act like it’s Ridgefield or Bethesda. So I guess it is a bit about danger; I mean now all the rich kids are doing it. Skateboarding on the street used to be for kids from the street; rich boys stayed in the skatepark. Now there’s skateparks so the rich boys feel safer.

  5. leave Tompkins and come out to the streets, I’ve got something for you a lil palatable, a lil dangerous.

  6. Haha, Jesus. Philosopher, I would have thought sobriety would allow you to get beyond your obsession with Rob Harris.

    There have always been rich kids as long as there have been skateboards, and street skating didn’t happen exclusively by the Menace team at Lockwood.

    Let it fucking go already!

  7. shoulda just named the video “trust fund”

    i mean just look at max palmer, we get it, your rich…you dont have to flaunt so much…

  8. You’re right Ben. My bad. Only 14 days in now though, so still getting used to it.

    Also didn’t mean the dudes in this particular video were rich boys; I don’t even know them.

    I’m just saying it’s easier to skate in the city now that the trail’s been blazed. That’s all.

    And Rob Harris is pretty douchey, but I’ll let it go. I’m bummed when ersatz posers get street cred, not to mention just a general dislike for back-stabbing trusties.

  9. christie’s isn’t going anywhere,
    have you had their dumpling stew?
    i’ve bought enough ting there to buy out barclays for a night

  10. Damn Philosopher, Rob Harris is a good dude I use to work with him at DQM. He would come into work and sell shoes to people who were not always chill to deal with, But he chose to make his own money and the dude works hard on what ever Ideas he has from video production to starting All Timers with Pryce who also goes to work everyday just about and makes his own way thru life. You see it’s not that these guys come from rich parents and just get free money from them they don’t. It’s that they come from wise parents who taught them to go out and make their own way thru life and that they have their support if they need it.

  11. rob harris is good dude if you need a couch to jerk-off on while your staying in new york. Just ask rob himself he caught jake Johnson jerkin it to (good will hunting). REAL TALK. and jake johnson also fucked rob harris girl while she was living with him and zack malfa.

  12. I hear you Barry, but you tell me his dad didn’t buy him that apartment.

    He may be earning his own cash now. But he had a HUGE head start; it’s just harder for me to respect that than when someone who comes from nothing makes it to the top.

    Pryce never flaunts it either, so there’s that. Rob has/does.

  13. A revamp of the Green Diamond site that has a name with a little more conceptual depth than the name of the building his dad bought him an apartment in and that has been the launch pad for his fledgling success in skate media?

  14. Philospher, if you can manage to keep Rob Harris’s name out of your mouth for 6mos, I’ll buy you a 12 pk of Odouls, and a goddamn skateboard. I’ll leave it at TF on Feb 22nd, I swear, just stop!!!

  15. i hate philosopher, he single handedly ruins every QS post he comments on, never met him, but i bet he blows.

  16. Yeah I think it’s getting to the point where any comment with the words “rob harris” is getting auto-deleted.

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