Weekend Listening: Hopps Skateboards & DJ Ross One Present — ‘Keep It Moving Volume 1’

ross one - keep it moving vol 1

This will either be a triumphant soundtrack to the second Knicks playoff win in twelve years, or a consolation prize for a weekend sullied by a Paul Pierce step-back jumper with three seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Our friend Ross One — one-half of the duo behind the winter 2011 classic, The Notorious Party Boy Soundtrack — mixed up a bunch of funk and soul staples in collaboration with Jahmal Williams and his great skateboard company, Hopps. Aside from being a solid hour of the sort of music you’d hear in a Hopps clip and an array of sample sources, it’s a reminder of just how many great songs have gone un-used in skate clips. (It’s okay to leave the Big L alone sometimes, guys!) Is it actually possible that nobody skated to Aaron Neville “Hercules?” It feels like it should’ve been in three San Francisco-based skate parts by now. Provided the imaginary Nate Jones comeback we’re hoping for is under way, he should follow up his Real to Reel music supervision with it. Also, Guy Mariano should’ve skated to “Miracles” in Pretty Sweet.

Check out Hopps’ spring commercial if you have yet to do so. Have a good weekend.

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  1. “Also, Guy Mariano should’ve skated to “Miracles” in Pretty Sweet.”
    That’s something they would have maybe done in 1996.

  2. the child’s voice was so piercing at the beginning that I turned it off and am now closing the browser tab.

  3. Does somebody from quartersnacks secretely bboy? Definitely feeling all the breakbeat.

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