Jahmal Williams: The Lost Tapes

jahmal - fs smith

Photo by Josh Stewart

Well, “lost” in the sense that a lot of this footage isn’t easily YouTubeable.

Here’s a Manolo-esque mix of footage from a dude whose name should be brought up more in nerd-out conversations about the best styles in skateboarding. Some of the clips are from Logic and E.S.T. issues, some from random Florida videos that came out in the early-to-mid-2000s, a few bits from the first few Hopps commercials, and some have never been used anywhere else. Jahmal has benefited from two of the finest instances of music supervision in skate video history, so needless to say, picking a song wasn’t easy.

Also, be sure to keep up with Hopps. (P.S. They have a webstore now.)

Alternate YouTube Link

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  1. Fuck yea Jahmal! Perfect frozen Friday clip. Really one of few to make a varial flip look good, not to mention everything else. Hopps!

  2. Had forgotten about most of that Adidas promo footage, so good. Back nosegrind on bench with the Peter Pan bus rolling back in the background shot was super sweet. (don’t remember who shot that adidas edit)

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