#TRENDWATCH2012: Final Fall/Winter Report

The summer is over, there’s snow on the ground, Barack Obama has been re-elected, and with no “We Found Love” to guide us through the static this year, we are left with a mess of developments that are harder to pinpoint as genuine movements than #trends of earlier cycles. There has been no defining #trend this fall, just miscellany with varying levels of staying power. Seven key observations below.

Earth Tones

Greens and browns are known to have wardrobe visibility spikes in October, as fashionable skateboarders depart from greyscale to indulge the fall spectrum, but they have stuck around longer than usual for FW12. Please note that earth tones are not a #trend but a staple for two distinct demographics: 1) Skaters from Florida / skaters from New Jersey who are commonly mistaken as being from Florida, and 2) People whose favorite video part circa 2008-2010 was Pappalardo in Fully Flared.

Swishy Pants

Analysts expect that increased tolerance of earth tones is due to the re-canonization of camo. By that same token, the heavily #trending category of comfort-wear has provided widespread adoption of skating in sweatpants. And where is there to go once camo is the norm and everyone is at peace with sweats? Swishy pants, obviously.

Polar Tees

Not much has changed since spring: The graphic tee market in New York skateboarding is completely up for grabs. Palace seized their moment, Zabar’s did not. Autumn tees maintain to be a minor fixture, but are slowly becoming “vintage,” causing people to preserve them for special occasions. Swedish imprint Polar, likely due to a well-documented public works program, has been able to break into the New York market, though not nearly at the level of the triangular juggernaut. Pending further growth, the economic implications become an issue, as our demand for European goods could send screenprinting jobs abroad.

Not Doing 360 Flips In the Middle of Lines

The star of one of skateboarding’s first viral videos brings up a valid point. Skating has progressed so far these past few years — kids are considered failures if they don’t know ten back tail flip-in-flip-out variations by the time they reach sixteen, skaters are grinding down handrails that were once reserved for rollerbladers, and the Girl video hasn’t even come out — yet all of these people suck at 360 flips compared to Josh Kalis and Andre Page. Do we really need verification of standard issue flatground 360 flip capabilities in 50% of the lines released in videos today?

Gravis Stockpiles

This one depends on how much credence you give Paulgar in being able to influence the T.F’s #trending tides. Though Gravis famously bridged “the scene” and the board, 2009 may have been too-little-too-late, as those who stood to gain the most from a Sway-friendly skate shoe were already being priced out of Manhattan. Once in Brooklyn, where everyone and everything is accepted, nighttime shoe changes ceased to matter, thus putting a dent in Gravis’ longterm sustainability. The few who simply enjoy looking like they partake in ballet and/or after hours in shady basements have began to stockpile remaining pairs of the fallen shoe brand’s most famous models, much like Elaine Benes when the sponge went off the market.

The Phrase “___ is/are what’s wrong with skateboarding”

Did the divisive 2012 election get to people’s heads? Even skateboarders? To the point where we are choosing arbitrary shit and saying it’s what’s “wrong” with skateboarding or “ruining” skateboarding, like some bizarro conservative Gary Rogers Skateline hosts? Chances are, if you are telling people that they are “ruining” skateboarding, you’ll quit skating in the next two years and vote republican in 2016.

Here’s the mayor of EMB on the subject:

“Love Sosa”

After a lackluster “Song of the Summer 2012” season, this is the early frontrunner for “Song of the Fall 2012.” (Note: “Songs of the Fall” often carry over to become “Songs of the Winter.”) Imagine what will happen when “Hate Being Sober” comes out.


  1. Can’t believe you didn’t mention New York’s mass un-following of Polar’s instagram after a long week of art related posts.

  2. People complaining about lists that include lists on what’s wrong with skateboarding are… NOT what’s wrong with skateboarding, but they sure don’t help.

  3. ~90% of the skaters in New York go to art school anyway, so I’m sure the “mass unfollowing” only occurred in your immediate circle of friends.

  4. nothing’s wrong with skateboarding, just the people who do it, all of us, always been that way

  5. I always thought skaters in New York wore Crisp shirts.

    I’m from a small town. We don’t even have a mayor.

  6. Stop talking about skating more than doing it and the “this is whats wrong with skateboarding” comments will go away.

  7. people told used to tell me I was what was wrong with skateboarding. now i’m worn by a mexican landscaper

  8. Greens and browns have more to do with a british ~colours~ being popular this season more than earth tones in general.

  9. I’m actually pretty sure Habitat invented earth tones and their constant shipping of boxes to Jersey and Florida for young dirt skaters started the larger movement


  11. Those brown and green domestics pants started the earth tone movement, for skaters in new jersey

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