100% of the Popular Vote: Dennis Busenitz

Returning to a theory from a month-old post, renown dog-lover Dennis Busenitz is the leading candidate for unanimous approval from the otherwise polarized skateboard electorate. As the previous generation of skateboarders with a 100% favorable public opinion rating like Mike Carroll and Gino Iannucci enter their twilight years, Busenitz’s name is becoming the first one summoned when diminishing the accomplishments of sometimes inferior, but often younger skateboarders. For example, “I’d rather watch Busenitz skate a curb than this kid do flip-in-flip-out tricks.”

Busenitz already has a trademark top YouTube fan comment, which typically expresses sympathies for his filmer having to keep up with his speed. Only time will tell if he reaches the level of “I’d rather watch Busenitz go grocery shopping than ____,” something currently reserved only for Gino. This new Brick Harbor clip shows him approaching that direction as he pays homage to skateboarding’s most beloved grocery shopper by doing his nollie cab switch back tail Mouse maneuver some 400 miles north of USC.

Be sure to get out and vote today, especially all of you in swing states. “Don’t boo, vote.” We recommend silencing the music and cueing up the Snowman’s 2008 election-predicting anthem, conveniently embedded below.


  1. I always suspected Busenitz’ switch tail line in Since Day One to be a homage to Gino’s switch tail line from The Chocolate Tour. Thoughts..

  2. Yo snackman is there a preferred watch between 56K X CAVIAR X SOGNAR X TRIFE? Those guys represent nyc skateboarding very well.

  3. Bat Outta Hell. Hell On Wheelz. Booz N Titz.

    Check for new City State Of Mind Lavar section where he front heels up the long 3 at 3rd Army.

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