Three Minutes of PJ Ladd Skating in New York

P.J. Ladd has been living in New York for the past several months, and managed to put together a three-minute cruiser part for Brick Harbor in that time. Keep in mind that it’s a “cruiser” part featuring lines with switch tailslide 270 heelflips out, so it might’ve singlehandedly skewed expectations surrounding the word “cruise” in skate clips. It also contains probably the best tricks done at Seaport this side of the line from that Danny Brady clip released earlier in the year. So, people Europeans intent on filming better tricks there will now have to unknob it (~30% of it is still free!) first. (P.S. Quartersnacks is instating a “Free Beer For Every Knob Removed From Seaport” program. Please Instagram us evidence to redeem your beers.)

Let this clip be a lesson to all the kids that spent the past summer stuck in a skatepark — you’re supposed to leave at some point and do the tricks you learned at the park on an actual spot. We imagine that it was edited to raise awareness of this largely forgotten principle.

It’s funny how a mailorder site figured out how to put together pretty solid web content, yet there are still plenty of hard goods companies that completely suck at it.

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  1. Dude, PJ is so good and this is such a good video, but NYC has 5 boros… why does everyone insist on skating the SAME SPOTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I guess if you’re just cruising, it doesn’t matter but I dunno, in a place with so many dope spots, I’m just surprised the variety isn’t showcased. Big ups to this vid either way!

  2. Good to see some fresh PJ footy. If he’s droppin this for some mail order company I can only imagine what other footy hes got. fakie flip switch back nosegrind 180!

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