QS Re-Edits: Democratic Edition

(Photo stolen from Travis Jensen’s Flickr page. More details about the photo, Hubba Hideout, San Francisco, etc. can be found in this old post. “Imagine working a shitty job and copping that flick one day.” — The G-Man.)

As per the results of your votes for the third installment of the QS Since Day One remixes, Peter Ramondetta’s part is the next, and final full-part chapter from the video. If you’re familiar with this website’s soundtrack biases, and have seen a Ramondetta part before, you already know that the music associated with each couldn’t be further apart. Luckily, the crew at Real is pretty “Do whatever the hell you want” about everything, allowing us to create perhaps the first non-metal / AC/DC / angry-white-music Ramondetta part. Sorry to disappoint the people (i.e. Marquez) who would blurt out “Don’t say motherfucker, motherfucker” at random moments for the entire year after Roll Forever came out. We’d consider utilizing Turbonegro if they had a song with a 2 Chainz feature. They might just be the only musical act on the planet who have yet to summon his services for a guest verse.

Teaser below. Remix online next week. Extended Since Day One B-sides to follow. Still waiting on Ty Evans to get in touch with us regarding a honorary Pretty Sweet guest edit slot. Previously: Dennis Busenitz remix, Ishod Wair remix, DVD extras + Todd Shaw re-edit.

Have a good weekend.

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