Skate Wax – What Else Can They Do?

We assume that skate wax, much like toilet paper, is an invention that cannot be further developed. Both subjects fit into the “George Costanza Book of Game,” in which he expounds on their un-improvability, and eventually scores a car make-out. George reluctantly learns that toilet paper has been improved throughout his lifetime — softer, more sheets per roll, and it comes in a wide variety of colors. Had he chosen to discuss skate wax, a similar realization of neglected improvements would have occurred. For example, Chocolate scented their wax with the food item after which their company was named, Shake Junt somehow managed to make chicken bone wax, and now Iron Claw Skates has concealed wax inside a children’s glue stick.

To celebrate this unprecedented improvement to the skate wax industry, Iron Claw has released a summer montage. Features Lurker Lou, Tyler Mate, Kennedy Cantrell, and your favorite skater’s favorite skater, Phil Rodriguez.

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  1. wax is some snowboarder bullshit. just bring another push or two next time instead, and quit bitching up my ledge.

  2. adam nigga howd you suppose I get that ledge to grind in the first place nigga
    wax my nigga
    not every spot’s been hit up and shit nigga

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