Permanently the Best Little Kid Skater of All Time

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48 Blocks has been posting an all-Pier 7 video by Brad Johnson over the past two weeks. Highlights include Marcus McBride doing every plausible flip trick over the blocks, Rob Welsh being a #phatstylez icon, Young Stevie almost attempting a boneless, and Lavar McBride reminding everyone that he will forever be the best little kid skater. No, it doesn’t matter how many kids today can nollie flip back tail (or 1080) before they can buy cigarettes.

As a companion piece to the Pier 7 video, here’s Lavar’s part from S.F’s Greatest Misses, also a Brad Johnson creation (while we’re at it, he’s also responsible for one of skateboarding’s greatest party parts.) It’s a compilation video released in 2006 that encompasses the late-EMB days through the Pier 7 / Union Square era. The mid-nineties Cellski track also cares to remedy the underutilization of classic Bay Area rap in Bay Area skate parts, an issue we’re still dealing with today.

It has been on YouTube for five years, but the quality is trash. Here’s a cleaned up version. Oh, and here’s a link to watch Trilogy, just in case.


  1. Lavar was mad good, nameen? however, calling him the greatest little kid skater of all time is a bit of an exaggeration. Considering I invented human genes, I feel like I should be the one declaring the best little kid skater of all time.

  2. I filmed Lavar a lot around ’95. He was The best skater at the pier, no question. He was so consistent it was crazy. To tell the hard truth, he broke his arm real bad trying to switch backside tailslide Hubba (the footage exists, but was to harrowing to release, it did involve screaming and crying) and he was never the same after that. Kalis went and did it and Lavar stopped hanging out at the pier as much, he only hung out with a couple dudes who seemed like dick riders and then he kinda vanished. At his best he was the best I’ve ever seen.

  3. “ah, that was tight!”
    what a legend.
    that comment about the ssbsts at Hubba is dark, such a shame.

  4. completely unrelated, but what happened to your quarter diary?
    shit was tight.
    there’s nothing wrong with your instagram,
    but no more gifs and no more year in rap?

  5. I remember footage of him with a huge cast on his arm. I also remember a news clip in a Big Brother or something that mentioned the break. I remember talking to Malcolm Watson about the lines at USC in Trilogy – how he basically just got out of the car and landed everything first try. 10 trick lines, just kept going. Smooth and effortless.

    There are so many unanswered questions about this dude, such as his Chicago era, his struggles with mental illness, weight gain/loss, and his recent foray back into skating (albeit in an underground way). He was always my favorite. According to his Thrasher Firing Lane from way back I have the same birthday as him!

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