The T.F. Report

Photo by Brian Kelley

LINSANITY made us wonder how a roster depleted of its two stars could go on an unprecedented win-streak at the helm of a previously undermined player. It turns out that the Knicks were not the only New York institution to prosper during a time that many assumed would coincide with struggle. We all left Tompkins for dead when the final post-Autumn box was stolen, believing that its influence would wane to a point where only those living within a three-block radius knew it still existed.

We were all wrong.

The Knicks had Jeremy Lin. The T.F. has two orange cones. Two equally unlikely heroes. The T.F. had not lost a step amidst this period of missing obstacles, but the issue of eventually re-introducing rails and boxes has come up for discussion. Fans of the T.F. are worried about how this could affect the current harmony happening at Tompkins Square Park. See the diagram below.

Until Tompkins is forced to bring back key pieces to the line-up and worry about losing games, all is well. Who would be forced to resign from the T.F. if it doesn’t work out though? Most skateboarders are afraid of sports, so they may be distrought by the frequent Knicks coverage on QS, but it is moments like these when you realize EVERYTHING is connected, bro.

E.J. made a highlight reel of the past month at history’s greatest skate spot. He made it with no sound, so while everyone is OMGing with one another about that new 2 Chainz and Weeknd song, remember that we do not advocate such Canadian R&B propaganda, and you should probably watch it alongside the Codeine Cowboy’s most important composition instead.

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  1. I just watched that zoo york commercial 5 times over to catch a glimpse of said nip but to no avail

  2. This is damn hilarious. in terms of small/big market, would Girl be the Lakers and Plan B be the Heat? Who would the Knicks be? Element?

  3. Big L is right.

    And they have similar teams that have the World Class Native New Yorker status as a big draw for support, while very few of their players have any authentic ties to the city.

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