You know what’s hard to get nostalgic about? That thing on the left and all the extra work (and money) that goes into dealing with it. HD 4 LIFE BRO.

We listened through the official QS 2 Chainz company playlist twice before getting through all the garbage we filmed in 2012. (Who would’ve thought you’d be able to run late February night sessions at Flushing with only a sweatshirt on?) Some of it won’t be online until summer. Some of it will be online next week. The most tech trick in all of it is probably a kickflip back tail. Here are some screengrabs to bring you up to speed on what occurred in New York these past three months — up to and including the Tompkins cones, E.J’s rap career, and the early onset of iced coffee season.


Tompkins Finest, starring Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, and Slicky Boy.

Oh, just seven dudes lined up to skate two cones.

E.J. filmed his first rap video at Tompkins this week. Black Dave collaboration up next.

#clubteez are mad big at the T.F. for S/S 2012.

Project parkour.

Loosely Not-at-all related:


“Somebody tell Josh that has already been done.” — Geo Moya


TRENDWATCH 2012 ALERT: This spot. And obviously this spot.

White people spots.


Pretty sure these things will come alive and kill you if you’re in Riverside Park alone at night.

LEGACYWATCH 2012: Astor Places lines = still and forever relevant.

“Yo, Chief Keef got next. Watch.” — The ever-so-prophetic Black Dave, four months ago

Question of the day: Should Mooney dye his hair blonde?


  1. I’m not sure if that second spot is trending, but it is really fun. Don’t tell anyone how to get there.

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