Lurker Lou is sick.

“I can’t wait for kids to come up to me and tell me I suck.”

Vicious Cycle

Lurkers 2


Rich Mahogany

After you guys film a three-foot-high nollie inward heel off a foot-wide runway into a bank, put it into your video part, edit it to this Taylor Swift song, and send it to Lou.


  1. Pretty ridiculous the amount of shit Lou is catching from the children of the internet. The only people hating on Lou didn’t know who he was before watching that Slap bullshit.

  2. I like lurker lou and always will, but I truly didn’t understand him focusing that kids board. Can anyone explain why he would do such a thing?

  3. Because it’s a joke. A joke that’s a nod to the overdramatic nature of most legitimate reality shows. 100% positive they gave him a new board right after.

  4. Plus if you don’t want someone to focus your board then don’t just stand there with your hands in your pockets while they try repeatedly to do so.

  5. everyone talks about the kids who talk shit on people like lurker lou b/c they “don’t know their history”/”who he is.” fair enough. but on the other end of the spectrum there are people who think someone like lou can do no wrong just because of “who he is” which, in my opinion, is pretty fuckin wack. not trashing lou, i’m just tired of people who condescend to young kids because they know their history soo damn well and respect old dudes soo much.

  6. it seems that all they’re saying is don’t say he sucks at skating when he has video parts to back it up. no one is backing “who he is.” i had only seen two of these parts before and they surprised me.

  7. lurker lou got me so blazed after he bent my board, but thats what 43 year old dudes do.

  8. it’s not a questions of wether lurker lou is (was?) legit or not. the guy willingly took a nice paycheck to participate in some ridiculous web show and make himself look like an ass for eight minutes. come on now quartersnacks… your friend takes $20 an hour to stand outside some mexican restaurant rocking a taco costume and you’re going to catch feelings because passersby are cracking jokes at him and insulting him?? are you going to be hurt because they don’t really know him or what he has done. fuck off, he’s wearing a taco costume looking like an idiot. at least he got paid…

  9. was kinda a dick thing to try and break the board, and he didnt even break it, but evryone is a dick , no one is innocent or perfect

  10. Nigga please, you’re right. They probably got gift bags with a pair of vans, a case of mt dew, and a years subscription to slap mag. Nigguh puhleeeeease!

  11. people should just say stuff about someone on internet if theyd feel comfortable,and ready, by themself, to say that same shit to their face, because u never know when someone might walk up to u with a laptop, some shit u said, and then brake the laptop on top of your head

  12. we will all look back on this whole debate about a dangly, knock-knee, ledge dancing weef from bumfuck, pa and his feelings and laugh one day.

  13. lurker lou is sick.every part is gnarly.i would do the same slap shit for a case of Carlsberg’s and let the haters hate without a worry.

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