The Photographer Formerly Known As Jail

That gap is totally the opposite of chill.

Jail AKA Killer Kowalski AKA Zach Malfa-Kowalski has consistently been one of the best (and most active) New York-based skate photographers over the past several years. He also has a good hardflip.

Zach updated his website with a new layout and a bunch of recent work ( There are photos from the summer 2010 Quartersnacks and Nike SB project (including some shots that didn’t make it onto the site), Zach’s work on the catalog for Habitat’s strange foray into the footwear market, and a whole gallery of straightforward (mostly east coast) skate photos. Plus, there are portraits, landscapes, Corey Rubin teen heartthrob fashion shots, and all that other art school stuff. There’s also a blog on there now. Shout out to every photographer who doesn’t have a Tumblr.

Related: In case you missed it, back in November, Zach shared his archive of Jake Johnson photos from the Chapman and Mind Field years with us.